Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix

Phoenix is perhaps the worst place to be without a reliable air conditioning service. At Virginia Auto Service, we want you to be cool, comfortable and safe all year longair conditioning repair phoenix.

Most people don’t realize that their car A/C system requires regularly scheduled maintenance, until it’s too late. Too often, we pay little or no attention to our auto air conditioner until its too late. AC problems, if discovered during regular maintenance, can be fixed before hurting other system parts. Let Viriginia Auto Service take care of your Air Conditioning system and youll be riding in comfort all summer long.

If your Vehicle A/C feels like it isn't running as cold as you would like, it could mean you need a freon recharge. Freon is like the bloodstream of the AC, and the refrigerant which keeps your cabin cool. the best time to get your coolant levels right is just before the heat really kicks in. No one wants to deal with the Arizona summer heat.

The refrigerant system also requires a lubricant to keep your A/C's compressor working correctly. if the levels are too low, even for a short time, it can be extremely damaging to the internal components of the compressor. Most cars come equipped with a low pressure switch that turns the compressor on & off and can prevent compressor damage. In the event your A/C compressor breaks, it may send bits of metal into the remaining components of your car’s A/C system. This can require multiple parts and extensive work to fully repair.

Another service we provide is the R12 to R134 Freon conversion kit. We will happily install the parts which let your Air Conditioning run on the more environmentally friendly R134 Freon Refrigerant.

Our A/C Repair Service Includes:

  • A/C system repair
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Freon vacuum and recharge
  • Preventative maintenance Service
  • A/C condenser installation
  • A/C receiver dryer installation
  • Check for Leaks & Cracks
  • A/C compressor installation
  • R12 to R134 conversion

We are so confident in our quality service standards; we provide a 2-Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty on all parts and labor for every car, every service and every time at no additional charge to our customers. Call us today and schedule your repairs. Remember, we will take you to / from your work or home while your care is being serviced. No hassle and no interruption to your daily schedule, if possible.

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