Matt Allen, KTAR

Matt Allen of KTAR is rematt_allen_KTARcognized as a major contributor to the Bumper to Bumper Radio Show  since 2011. As one of the co-hosts of the radio show, Matt Allen is an expert in the automotive industry and uses his expertise to help and educate consumers. This experience has been generated over 17 years of owning and operating his auto repair shop, Virginia Auto Service.

bbb-aplusVirginia AutoService is a known and trusted leader in the Auto Repair industry of Arizona, delivering the highest level of ethics, customer service and technical excellence.  Virginia has been a BBB Accredited Business every year since March of 1998, with an A+ rating.

Matt Allen has received the IMPACT award from the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. This award is reserved for those who have made serious contributions to the Community, Company Culture, Innovation and the Overcoming of Adversity. The reason he was given this award is because of the tragedy that struck his shop and nearly destroyed it. Though this tragedy came at a great personal cost to Matt Allen himself, he is quoted as being more concerned for the wellbeing of his employees because he knew that they relied on the function of Virginia Autoservice to feed their families.

Luckily, 3 of the bays of Virginia Auto Service were left unharmed by the fire and were able to function while the rebuilding commenced. Over time, because of hard work and the unflinchMatt_Allen_Virginia_Automotive_AZing loyalty of customers, Virginia Autoservice was able to recover and was even able to make a few improvements to the shop. Behind the scenes after the acceptance speech, he mentioned that he was quite surprised to receive an award for what he always thought was the right thing to do.

Matt Allen has owned and operated Virginia Auto Service since he was 24 years old. Because of loyalty to his customers and good business practices, Matt Allen has been able to steer his company in the direction of growth and success for the entirety of its existence. But when push comes to shove, Matt Allen is most happy when working on his customers vehicles in his own shop. 

On the air, you can catch Matt Allen on KTAR's Bumper to Bumper Radio segment on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to Noon on 92.3 FM. Otherwise you can usually find him attending to Virginia Auto Service and its customers. Matt Allen extends a personal invitation for anyone to contact him on the radio show or come and visit him at the shop to see what he can do for you and your vehicle.

Matt Allen Bumper to Bumper

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